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Supercharge Your Career And Network

Join our NEW online community “Perfect The Pitch”!

Effective Leadership at a Distance

The WFN team has been working hard behind the scenes the past few months, to finally bring to our network of female founders a completely new and inspiring path to accelerate their business careers. The result is a private membership community that gathers an empowering ensemble of seasoned investors, WFN advisors, business coaches and female entrepreneurs from all over the country, providing lifelong connections and virtual education to supercharge your career and network.

How is the WFN Perfect The Pitch membership different?

Perfect The Pitch is meant to be more than another women entrepreneurship group discussing “girlboss” goals. Our exclusive membership group is hosted on a private Facebook Page, where female founders are given the unmatched opportunity to mingle with one another in an intimate online setting. With our closed platform, members get direct and convenient access to investors, pitching experts and our own start-up veteran board members.

Among the many exclusive perks afforded by our monthly and annual membership plans, you get:


You will receive weekly invites to digital educational events centered around pitching and scaling, to help you gain capital and partnerships that take your business to the next level.

Here's what we have lined up this month - view the full schedule here:


Extensive support and advice from peers and our seasoned WFN board advisors, who are all passionately focused on your success.


Perfect The Pitch gives you an incredible forum to showcase your business and form invaluable alliances, so you can strengthen your network and open up possibilities for lucrative partnerships.

This is your chance to:

  • Ask questions directly to the people who can give you the most informed responses from an experienced and expert perspective

  • Form priceless friendships and connections that enriches and empowers your entrepreneurial journey long-term

  • Discuss your struggles and ideas in a safe setting where everyone involved wants you to achieve your goals

  • Perfect your pitch and test the viability of your concept, before taking the next steps to fund and scale your business

...and much more!

Are you ready to accelerate your growth and career development with us?

SIGN UP NOW and get 50% off our annual subscription with the code 50PERCENT, bringing the cost down to just $7 a month!

If you want to try the waters before committing, simply choose our monthly membership and get the entire first month FREE!

We hope to see you in the group soon!

Got more questions about the membership? Contact Us Here


PS! Know someone who could benefit from a network like ours? Empower your female friends by inviting them to join, and let’s evolve together!

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