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Show Her The Money Podcast


Show Her The Money Podcast is where we talk to women in Venture Capital and learn about their passion for investing in female founders. Join us with host Diondraya Taylor while we talk all things business, mindset & entrepreneurship! More episodes coming soon!

Tracy_New Episode Podcast Instagram Post
From Rocket Scientist To Investing In Growth Companies
Tracy Gray, The 22 Fund

Join us as we discuss how Tracy started her journey into Venture Capital, the processes of manufacturing and knowing who to invest in, and advice for young women of color on how to get into Venture Capital and the steps to take if they're considering it as a potential career path.

Carmen_New Episode Podcast Instagram Pos
Diverse Teams Outperform
Carmen Palafox, 2045 ventures

Join us as we discuss Carmen's journey as a Latina woman, how she discovered Venture Capital & the amazing work she is currently doing there. Carmen also shares her advice for women and girls that are working towards gender equity, her experiences with building relationships while building her own firm & brand. 

Moujan_Podcast Instagram Post.png
Looking For The Win For All
Moujan Kazerani, Bryant Stibel

Join us as we discuss Moujan's take on what's missing in the investing world and what more can be done! Moujan also shares her advice on being a successful entrepreneur, the value of having diversity in your company, and the power of having confidence in yourself when it comes to making uncomfortable decisions.

Vidya_Podcast Instagram Post.png
Investing Our Capital In Female Founders
Vidya Dinamani, Ad Astra Ventures

Join us as we discuss why having women in finance is essential, how to know when your company is ready for venture capital investment, the importance of being aligned with your investors, the power of having confidence, and advice for women and girls on advancing gender equity!

Adesuwa podcast cover.png
If You Can't See It, You Can't Be It
Adesuwa Okunbo Rhodes, Aruwa Capital Management

Join us to hear about Adesuwa's journey into Venture Capital. We will discuss the true value of having women and women-founded companies and WHY it's fundamental to invest in them. PLUS! The importance of having access to capital when building a company, and the power and effects of empowering women!

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