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Congrats to the 2022
Fast Pitch Winners!

Tech/Tech-enabled Track:

Nonny de la Peña
CEO & Founder

Emblematic Group logo.jpg

Thanks to Union Bank for providing the $25k cash grant to Emblematic!

Nonny new photo.jpg

Consumer/CPG Track:

Ashley Nickelsen

Founder, CEO & Chief Snack Officer

B.T.R. NATION LOGO - Ashley Marie.png

Thanks to Antares Capital for providing the $25k cash grant to B.T.R. Nation!

Ashley Nickelsen_B.T.R. Nation.jpg
2022 Fast Pitch Finalists
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Ashley Nickelsen_B.T.R. Nation.jpg

Ashley Nickelsen

Founder, CEO & Chief Snack Officer

B.T.R. NATION LOGO - Ashley Marie.png

B.T.R. NATION is on a mission to end mindless snacking for good. The ultimate goal? To reimagine the modern vending machine. We take the junk out of junk food & make on-the-go snacks actually good for your body & mind: boosted with functional superfoods, no added sugar & only the cleanest ingredients. 

Litesprite_Swatee Surve.jpg

Swatee Surve

Founder & CEO

Litesprite logo.png

​Litesprite’s therapeutic gaming platform delivers data insights and improves clinical outcomes. Built the first clinically validated mental health video game, Sinasprite, recommended by clinics and municipalities nationwide. Garnered +30 global health innovation awards, including the first video game to win a U.S. Surgeon General Award.

Noodelist_Thuong Tan.jpg

Thuong Tan

CEO & Founder

Noodelist_logotype_TM_BLACK - Thuong Tan.png

Noodelist is premium, plant-based instant noodles that you are not ashamed to eat in public! We are finally closing the gap between healthy and tasty. Noodelist is powered by superplant Moroheiya (Egyptian spinach) which has 5x more calcium than regular spinach.

Clickvoyant_Mia Umanos.jpg

Mia Umanos


Clickvoyant logo.png

Because we believe that insights from customer data mean the difference between "surviving" and creating generational wealth, we founded Clickvoyant - a no-code data modeling platform that turns anyone into a data scientist to find growth opportunities for their businesses. 

NearSight, Inc._Dr. Elise Brisco.jpg

Dr. Elise Brisco


NearSight logo Blue Gold - Elise Brisco.png

NearSight is revolutionizing solutions for vision problems related to our heavy dependence on digital devices. Our mission is to improve the quality of life by keeping people comfortable and productive.  Current solutions haven't evolved to meet the needs of our digital culture. NearSight puts clear vision at your fingertips. 

Six Gldn_Karima El-Hakkaoui.jpg

Karima El-Hakkaoui

CEO & Founder

six gldn logo - Six Gldn.png

Six Gldn restores skin’s radiance, tone and texture with supercharged botanical Korean complexes passed down over 9 generations. We harvest the most potent, floral and herbal botanicals for our transformative and targeted formulas. A recipe for radiance, perfect for all skin types and all ages.

Nonny new photo2.jpg

Nonny de la Peña

CEO & Founder

Emblematic-Icon-Logotype-Black-on-Trans (1) - Dan Brower.png

Emblematic is one of the world's foremost producers of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. REACH is a no code tool for creating and sharing immersive content across the Metaverse.

Nollapelli_Allison Howard.jpg

Allison Howard

Founder & CEO

Nollapelli logo-grey - Allison Howard.png

Nollapelli is using textile technology to help you get more out of your time in bed. Founded by a female engineer, Nollapelli’s patent-pending fabric offers a unique combination of cooling and beauty benefits. "The best sheets on the market" according to Forbes, Nollapelli is beloved by consumers, hotels and spas. 

TAINR_Kathy Silva.jpg

Kathy Silva

COO & Founder

Tainr_logo_teal_RGB_1080x1080 - Kathy Silva.png

TAINR brings sustainable automation to the grocery industry through a smart refill ecosystem for dry foods. Retailers can provide a frictionless user experience, eliminate unnecessary packaging to build brand loyalty, and improve their operational efficiencies, ultimately building a smart and more sustainable future. 

VISUAL FARMS, LLC_Margaret Maizel.png

Margaret Maizel

CEO & President

Visual-Firms-Logo_400px - Margaret Maizel.png

VISUAL FARMS is a company built by agriculture pioneers and innovators in IT and Precision Farming. We are a consortium of executive-level specialists with deep experience in foundational agriculture and business technologies. We're using a unique Real-Time Reinforcement Learning platform that is improving farm profitability and sustainability.

Fast Pitch Alumni
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