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Accelerate Your Business

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Apply for the Women Founders Network 2020 Fast Pitch!

Accelerate Your Business

Accelerate Your Business

with the

Women Founders Network


Apply through July 15, 2020

Is your business ready to expand with outside investment funds?

Are you...

  • Female Founder/Co-Founder/CEO of a majority women-owned business?

  • Free to participate in our Virtual Fast Pitch Event on October 27?

  • Running a for-profit business based in the USA?

  • An early-stage or startup company with high growth potential?

  • Haven’t received more than 1 million dollars in outside funding?

Then it’s time to grab this once-a-year only opportunity and give your startup the platform it deserves this fall!

Every year since 2013, Women Founders Network has hosted a unique event for female founders to showcase their business concept in front of hundreds of fellow entrepreneurs, influential industry professionals, expert pitching coaches, angel investors and venture capitalists looking to partner with a new promising startup.

The Fast Pitch Competition offers more than a rare opportunity to take your hard work to the next level with substantial funding---you will also get a chance to hone your entrepreneurial tool kit, polish your pitch deck, sharpen your presentation skills and build an invaluable business network that will support your goals for years to come.

Being a female entrepreneur can be tough, and many start-up founders find themselves at a plateau at some point.

As a contestant in the WFN Fast Pitch, you will have ample time to prepare yourself and bulletproof your concept to stand out among the competition. We provide finalists with a financial mentor to organize your finances and help you construct a robust business plan, as well as one-on-one pitch coaching so you can present an enticing deck that lands you the connections and money you need to scale your company.

As a Fast Pitch Finalist, you get:

  • One-on-one coaching to prepare for the Fast Pitch Event, so you can feel fully confident with a flawless pitch and presentation when the big day arrives

  • Personal financial mentor to get your financials in order, so you can strengthen your deck and sway investors with a clear, promising plan for the future

  • Virtual meet & greet with WFN judges, board, sponsors, and investors so you can have unparalleled access to a powerful support system, exclusive insider advice, and coveted high-level connections that may lead to lucrative business deals now and down the line

  • Connection with Angel Investors and Venture Capital Funds focused on female founders, for a rare opportunity to deliver your pitch to investors passionate about seeing more driven businesswomen like you succeed

  • Cash Investment Potential from investors that attend the Fast Pitch and a chance to compete for over $25,000 in cash prizes and $50,000 in professional services

  • Ongoing Support Network of successful businesswomen committed to building the female entrepreneur ecosystem, so you can keep evolving and thriving in an empowering environment that offers continued education, opportunities and inspiration.

Ready to realize your dream?

...before the deadline on July 15!


PS! Know someone who could benefit from a network like ours? Empower your female friends by inviting them to join, and let’s evolve together!

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