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A Broad Introduction to Startup Accelerators

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

How do you decide when to apply and which one is the best fit?

By Lisa Tsou, Funding Startup Strategist, The Winning Pitch

Bootstrapping a business is just as much about the journey as the end goal, and thus it’s important to stay open for tools that keep you evolving in a forward striving fashion. Women Founders Network board member and “The Winning Pitch” founder Lisa Tsou has put together a brilliant video where she provides the lay of the land on accelerators and how to decide which one is best for you.


Lisa Tsou, Startup Funding Strategist

Lisa Tsou Startup Funding Strategist Board Member, Women Founders Network Lisa Tsou is a startup funding strategist in Los Angeles who advises emerging founders on growth strategy and funding so they can realize their visions and take their companies to the next level. Having done her time at a large Wall Street firm, Lisa is passionate about working with innovative entrepreneurs and startups to develop unique strategies to take their businesses to the next level. Lisa has also served as a coach and mentor to groups such as Techstars, Women’s Founders Network, and the SoGal Summit and coaches the finalists for Salesforce’s Dreampitch competitions, preparing them to present to an all-star panels which have included Mark Cuban, Chris Sacca and Visit Lisa's website

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