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Lisa Tsou

Advisory Board Member


I am here to create big change for women. The greatest way I know how is to help women entrepreneurs

I’ve been working with startup and tech companies since I graduated from law school and thought that working with fun companies with new and exciting ideas (and wearing jeans to the office!) sounded way more exciting than going to Wall Street.

Since then, I’ve started my own consulting firm where I specialize in funding strategy, pitch coaching and general advisory work with startups. I love working with founders as they develop their ideas and execute them as fully operational businesses, and am heavily involved in the LA startup ecosystem where I mentor and advise with a number of organizations. In my copious spare time, I founded and produce Women Entrepreneurs Community of Los Angeles (WECLA), a popular educational event series for women entrepreneurs.

In addition to being on the Board of Women Founders Network, one of my main interests is entrepreneurial education in schools and have served on the board of Project ECHO, have served as an advisor to Incubator School, and volunteer with Defy Ventures. I also serve on the alumnae council of Marlborough School.

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